Talking About Pool Repair Services

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Pool Cleaning Steps Needed To Keep Your Pool Clean And The Water Clear

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Pool cleaning can be a lot of work when you want the water to always be sparkling clear. If you feel like you devote too much time to cleaning your pool, then consider hiring a swimming pool cleaning service to handle the weekly chores. By signing up with a service, your pool will be cleaned on a set routine instead of when you’re able to work it into your schedule. Here are some important steps involved in keeping your pool clean. Read More»

Is Your Pool Motor Pumping Its Last?

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The machinery that makes a home swimming pool work is relatively simple. The pump and motor assembly are what allows your pool water to be filtered and refreshed. The pump’s job is to pull water out of your swimming pool and allow it to pass through your filter media, cleaning the water and keeping it fresh and pristine for your family and guests. Since this simple bit of equipment is an important part of what makes home pools work, monitoring their status and repairing them as necessary is vital to keeping your pool functioning properly. Read More»

Protect Your Pool In Hot Weather

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It would seem as though swimming pools were designed with hot weather in mind. However, while a dip in the pool on a hot day is refreshing, this type of weather can also be harmful to your pool. Learn how to take care of your pool as the temperature increases. Skim  High temperatures can be especially drying to the landscaping that surrounds your pool area. As the temperatures increase and dry out the flowers, trees, and other plants, their dead parts will begin to fall out. Read More»