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Pool Cleaning Steps Needed To Keep Your Pool Clean And The Water Clear

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Pool cleaning can be a lot of work when you want the water to always be sparkling clear. If you feel like you devote too much time to cleaning your pool, then consider hiring a swimming pool cleaning service to handle the weekly chores. By signing up with a service, your pool will be cleaned on a set routine instead of when you're able to work it into your schedule. Here are some important steps involved in keeping your pool clean.

Skimming Off Leaves And Debris

It's good to skim leaves and other floating debris off every day. As long as you keep up with it, skimming doesn't take too long, and you can do it right before you jump into the pool. You might also need to skim after a storm if twigs, leaves, and other tree debris get blown in the water. You don't want to leave large amounts of debris for the pool to remove by itself, or the skimmer basket could clog up.

Vacuuming The Bottom

Vacuuming is a more labor-intensive chore that should probably be done about once a week, or more often if your pool gets heavy use or gets a lot of leaves. The pool cleaning service can do this on their weekly visits after they've cleaned the sides of the pool and stirred up debris. You might also want to invest in an automatic pool cleaner that runs around the pool on its own to vacuum debris. One of these can keep the water clean between visits from the pool cleaning company.

Brushing The Sides

The sides of your pool get dirty fairly quickly, so you'll want to brush them often. This is another chore that can be left to the pool cleaning company during their weekly visit. If the sides aren't cleaned off regularly, grime can build up and need to be scrubbed off. When done regularly, oil, dirt, and other debris can usually be knocked off with a brush and then removed with a skimmer or vacuum. The right type of brush should be used because a stiff brush intended for plaster pools will harm a vinyl pool.

Cleaning the sides of a vinyl pool eliminates the ring around the pool and the slick and greasy feel on the sides. Cleaning a plaster pool with a brush is necessary so dirt and oils are removed from the pits in the plaster. If the dirt isn't removed, it can fuel algae growth and make the dirty pool problem even worse.

Another important step the pool cleaning service can handle for you is to balance the chemicals. The right amount of chlorine and the right pH are essential for controlling algae and keeping the water clear.