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Public Pool Renovations: When To Start, And How To Finish The Project Ahead Of Summer

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Most cities have their own public pools. These pools become very popular places for people to go in the summer. That is why it is so important to keep these pools in excellent condition. Every twenty years or so, a renovation may be needed to keep pools safe and enjoyable for the public. If you have just gained the position of the head of your city's parks and recreation department, you may be tasked with public pool renovations. Here are a few pointers on how to manage the start and completion of this task.

Talk to a Pool Repair and Renovation Contractor a Year in Advance

Pool repair and renovation contractors book projects up to a year or more ahead. Better still, post a notice for acceptance of job bids for the work the city wants completed on one or more of its public pools. This will reduce the time you spend trying to find a contractor for the job. It will also help you find a contractor who can come close to the city's budget for pool renovation. The contractor you hire on behalf of the city will need to get started within a few months of being hired in order to have the pool renovations completed in time for next summer.

Start the Project Right Away vs. Specific Times for Starting the Project

If it is warm all year long where you live, the contractor you hire can start the project at any time. It is a good idea to give the contractor at least six months to complete the pool renovation. It is also a good idea to avoid beginning the project in the current summer, since revenue from pool attendance this summer will help with the renovation expenses.

Consider starting the project after summer when most kids have gone back to school and there is a lull in pool activity. That will give the contractor about eight or nine months before the pool needs to be finished and ready to open for next summer. If you live where there is at least four or five months of snow and ice, the project may be started in September, but put on hold around the beginning of November, and then restarted in early spring. Talk to your contractor to see how quickly the expected renovations may be completed so that the pool is ready to open next summer.