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How To Keep The Floor And Sides Of Your Pool Feeling And Looking Clean

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One of the benefits of having regular pool service is that it helps keep the floor of your pool free from debris that might hurt your feet, and it keeps the walls from feeling slick from oil. While cleaning your pool often enhances its appearance, you also want your pool to be clean so swimming is an enjoyable experience and you aren't bothered by the feel of the walls or bottom of the pool. Here are some cleaning methods that keep your pool inviting every time you swim.

Balancing Chemicals Properly

One thing your pool service will do is balance the chemicals on each visit. This helps keep the water clear and clean, and as a side effect, it helps keep the floor and walls of the pool clean too. However, chemicals are no substitute for physically cleaning the pool. Oils from suntan products and body oil will still accumulate on the sides of the pool, and sand and tiny rocks will fall to the bottom. The chemicals will help control the growth of algae on the parts of the pool that are submerged in water, but you may still have to deal with mold or algae growing on steps or the sides of the pool above the water line.

Scrubbing The Pool

The best way to get oil off the sides of the pool and to scrub away dirt and algae growth if there is any, is to scrub the pool with a brush. Even though this service will be performed by the pool cleaning company, you may want to do it between visits to keep your pool sparkling clean. Use a brush on a telescoping pole to scrub along all the sides of the pool and the bottom. You can also scrub the steps to keep them sanitary and to get rid of algae. Scrubbing releases dirt and oil into the water so it can be filtered out. In the case of algae, when it is scrubbed from the side or from steps and released into the water, the pool chemicals will kill it and clear it from the pool.

Vacuuming The Bottom

Vacuuming is another job you may want to do between visits from the pool service. This pulls up tiny rocks and sand that have settled to the floor of the pool and are no longer able to be filtered out. This can prevent an injury from stepping on a sharp rock or stick. Vacuuming also removes leaves that have settled to the bottom so they don't decay and foul the water. A handy way to keep your pool vacuumed is to buy a robotic vacuum that roams the pool floor automatically to keep it clean.

By brushing, vacuuming, and balancing chemicals with the help of a pool service, you can keep your pool as clean as possible so it is always ready for a relaxing swim. Nothing is worse than to hop in the water and feel an oily ring on the side or sandy grit under your feet. Working hard to keep your pool clean not only makes it feel better, it looks more inviting too. Contact a company, like Jasper Pool Service, for more help.