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Four Things To Do To Get Your Pool Ready For Use After The Cold Season

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Getting your pool ready for use after the cold season doesn't have to be a big chore, but there are a few things you need to do. Some of this is inspection, and if you find anything significant, you can then call for pool repair services. The following are the most important things you will need to do.

1. Take off your pool cover and look at the water

It is possible that you did not secure your pool properly during the cold months, and the water has become murky. If you can't see the bottom of the pool, you need to call an acid wash pool service. They will drain the water and clean the walls and bottom of the pool, including the drain. But even if the water is clear, you may still want to consider a professional acid wash if there are many stains inside the pool. An acid wash will remove these stains, and right before the temperatures begin to warm is the perfect time to do this. It is, however, recommended that you not attempt to do this yourself. The acid is dangerous, so if you have no experience, let the professionals do the work.

2. Turn on the pool equipment

If the water looks good, the next step is to turn on everything electrical, to make sure everything is working properly. Certain things can go bad simply due to the temperature drop. The most important will be your pump. If you have a heated pool, you should check that the water is being heated. Pool lights should be checked, and timers should be inspected and verified that they are operating properly.

3. Clean your pool

Clean your pool the way you normally would. Brush the sides of the pool if needed, and you can remove debris with a net. There is often not much to do if you have stored your pool correctly during the cold season.

4. Check the chlorine levels, then shock it

You need to first test the chlorine levels in the water, and make sure they are what they should be. After this, you need to shock your pool. This means bringing the chlorine levels up several times what they normally would be to kill all bacteria in your pool. There are kits available at your local pool supply store to do this yourself.

Keep in mind that you don't have to do any of this work yourself. You can call a pool service company, and they will prepare your pool for the warm weather. But if you want to do this work yourself to save money, you can; however, it is recommended that you call a pool service company like Clean Touch Pool Service for an acid wash.