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Add Fun And Functionality To Your Pool With Cool Deck Features

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Most homeowners give a lot of thought to the design and look of their new swimming pool. But the design of its accompanying deck may not be as much of a priority. However, a well-designed deck often makes the pool both more beautiful and more functional. Here are four ways to do just that:

Go Vertical

Most people automatically think of a pool deck as flat, but it doesn't have to be. Make your deck multifunctional by making it multilevel. Upper decks offer a great view of the pool as well as the yard or nearby vistas. 

Going vertical adds useful space to a small yard. And it creates a separate area to entertain adults while kids frolic in the pool. You can even connect a second floor master suite to the pool with a multilevel deck and stairs. 

Add Privacy

Installing a pool usually requires a clear view and opens up much of the yard. This, though, may leave it feeling too barren and sparse. Adding some privacy in areas of the deck can solve this problem. 

Something as simple as a wall of containers with dwarf trees or shrubs can provide more of a cover. A built-in feature like a low stone wall or poolside pergola is a great option for larger customization budgets. For the best in poolside privacy, why not design a walk-in faux cave grotto?

Include Fire

Fire is a natural complement to the water in a swimming pool. Incorporate fire features like fire pits or gas torches on the deck.

You can also integrate flames in the pool design itself to make it feel more harmonious. From built-in plumes along the pool edges to a fireplace in a sunken seating area in the water itself, feel free to have fun with fiery elements. Your guests will be impressed no matter what time of day or night. 

Boost Luxury

Adding luxury feature to the deck can be a good way to make the pool look more expensive and customized than it may be. A walk-in or beach entrance extends the pool deck right into the pool. This is most useful for smaller yards. 

Add simple luxury with a misting station, built-in and oversized umbrellas, a gazebo, or a waterfall. Like to entertain? Install a fully integrated audio visual system both in the pool and its surrounding deck. 

Today's modern pools and accessories offer many ways to increase the enjoyment of the entire backyard. And with a little creativity, your pool deck can do the same. Contact a swimming pool builder for more information and assistance.