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Three Unique Ideas For Your Swim-Up Bar

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If you love hosting pool parties in the summer, then you may want to have your pool designer incorporate a swim-up bar into your design. You and your guests can relax in the water while sipping on your favorite beverages, prepared poolside and handed right down to you. When it comes to swim-up bars, there are so many design options that the sky really is the limit. Here are some unique ideas to use as inspiration or as a starting point.

Glowing Seats

In a swim-up bar, the seats are usually immersed in the pool and made from concrete. They may emerge just slightly above the water's surface, or they may be just under the surface of the water. If you opt for the second arrangement, consider having LED lighting incorporated into the tops of the seats. When night falls, your seats will glow, sending off a lovely vibrancy into the water. Many LED lights are even programmed to change color with the touch of a button, so you can go from blue to orange to green depending on your mood and decor.

A Tiki Hut

Consider having a tiki hut, complete with a thatched top, built on the edge of your pool. The area just beneath the hut can be poolspace, and your designer can include seats around the outside of the hut. In the middle of the tiki hut, you can place a raised concrete "table" that you can use as a bar. Set everything up before you get into the pool, and then you can serve yourselves as you swim around and relax in the hut.

A Full Poolside Kitchen

Consider taking your poolside bar to the next level by building a full kitchen into the area next to your pool. Make the concrete bar at the edge of your pool thicker, which will make it easier to put plates of food on the bar. You can even have your designer make indents in the concrete. You can balance your plate inside the indent, which will keep it from moving around. Pair each plate-sized indent with a glass-sized indent so visitors don't have to worry about knocking their drinks over, either. Make sure there are steps from the bar area into the poolside kitchen so you can get out and tend to the food quickly if needed.

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