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Don't Be Surprised By Pool Damage: Know The Problems That Damage Liners And Pool Equipment Over The Winter Months

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Unfortunately, when winter arrives, many pool owners forget about their outdoor oasis. What happens when the pool is not properly closed? The answer is: there are usually problems with the equipment, leaks, damaged surfacing, and slimy green water that needs to be cleaned. Here are some of the effects that the winter months may have had on your pool and what needs to be done to get repairs done:

1. Cracks, Leaks, and Dirty Water Coming from Equipment

There are cracks, leaks, and dirty water that can come from equipment and cause problems. To start, during the winter months, all the water must be drained from pool equipment and any lines. The pool also needs to be drained at least to a point where water cannot get into the filtration system. If the lines connected to the inlets in the pool have become cracked due to freezing, the sediment from surrounding soil may get in your pool. Any cracked or damaged plumbing installations need to be repaired or replaced to avoid these problems surfacing during the summer months.

2. Debris and Freezing That Has Damaged Surfacing or Liners

The debris in your pool from fall and winter can cause damage to the liner or surfacing. First, make sure that the pool is covered properly during the winter months. In addition, it is also a good idea to drain the pool or to add a winter treatment to prevent the water from freezing during the winter months. If you live in an area with a mild winter, the cold weather treatment may be a good solution to prevent damage. In areas with hard freezes and harsh winters, it is best to drain the pool and get all the water out of lines when closing your pool.

3. The Debris and Slimy Green Water Where Monsters Hide In Pools

The last problem that you will have to deal with before you can open your pool for the summer months is debris and green water. If you have already partially drained your pool, it may be best to finish draining it and refilling it with fresh water. If you do not want to refill your pool, you will need to remove the debris, shock the pool, and repeat treatments until the water is clear.

These are some of the problems that may have affected your pool during the winter months and what should be done to fix them. Contact a pool repair contractor at a company like Kokopelli  Pool and Spa to help with repairs to get your pool open in time for summer.