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Turn Your Backyard Into A Lagoon Retreat

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There's just something about a lagoon. You imagine a private natural pool surrounded with lush foliage. Tropical style pools are common at resorts and spas. However, imagine if you had your own private lagoon in your backyard. Add elements of a tropical paradise around a pool to create your own retreat.

Pool Shape

Gone are the days of simple rectangles being your only choice for pool shape. While versions of rectangular are still popular in some backyard designs, a lagoon should be more natural looking. Your two best options for a lagoon-shaped pool are freeform and kidney. Freeform is a curvilinear pool that contractors create to blend landscaping and other pool amenities with the pool. A kidney-shaped pool is similarly adaptable. However, the shape is more standard. What's more, as the Landscaping Network points out, a kidney pool is ideal for any size of backyard.

Tropical Pool Liner

Once you've settled on shape, it's time to choose the liner. Naturally, you want some version of blue because natural lagoon pools tend to look that color. First decide on how deep you want the blue to be. Deep blue may seem intriguing, but too much depth of color can make the pool appear intimidating. Next, settle on a pattern. For a naturalistic pool, you'll want more of a pebble or sand pattern over tile look. From there it's just a matter of deciding if you want your pool liner to have a border. You can get playful beach themed borders or more naturalistic ones.

Lagoon Landscaping

The landscaping is what's going to give your lagoon pool its tropical vibe. Colorful, lush plants that don't drop leaves and seed heads in the water are ideal. Naturally you should consider palm trees. Hibiscus and bird of paradise are beautiful flowers for around the pool. You can have the contractors create a planting bed in one of the curves of your pool for an organic effect. You can also use movable planters if you're afraid your plants won't survive cold spells. When arranging the plants, try to create a lush backdrop for your pool. Likewise, create a sense of privacy with plant screens.

Rock Accents

Another way to make your pool feel like a natural lagoon is with rock accenting. You can have landscapers install natural rocks, or you can have the pool landscapers install artificial stone. The benefit of artificial stone is you can design exactly the effect you want. For instance, a rock waterfall spilling into your pool would be a charming lagoon effect.

Transform your backyard into your own lagoon retreat. For more information, contact companies like Anchor Pools & Spas.