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Custom Pool Designs And Natural Filtration Systems To Keep Water Clean And Clear

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Natural pools have the benefit of not having all the chemicals of conventional filtration systems. When you plan on renovating or building a natural pool, there are some things that you will want to consider when it comes to the filtration system. You will also want to consider liners from a place like Pettis Pools & Patiothat to help reduce evaporation and water loss, as well as sediment problems. Here are some of the things that you will want to consider for a pool with a natural filtration system:

1. Choosing the Right Flora and Fauna for The Best Filtration

When it comes to natural filtration, the type of flora and fauna you add is important. The pool should have a special filtration area, which can be planted with grasses and aquatic plants that filter the water. The filtration zone can be a pond and stream that blend into the main swimming area. Make the connecting stream shallow enough to prevent plants from floating into the area where you want the water to be clear for swimming.

2. Pumps, Skimmers and Equipment to Keep the Water Flowing

Pumps are what will keep the water flowing through your pool, water features and filtration areas. In addition to the pumps, you will want to install skimmers, which can be larger pond skimmers that collect the floating debris from the top of the water. Pond skimmers will help to control problems with pollen, leaves and other debris that can make the surface of the water look dirty. The skimmers can also have a filter medium placed in them, which will help to remove small debris and sediments from your natural pool.

3.  Liners and Gravel to Keep Water Clean And Prevent Evaporation

Just like with conventional pools, having a liner is important to prevent the water levels from getting low. You will want to have a custom liner installed that can have aggregate installed on top of it. If you choose to add a sandy area to your pool, use a thicker coarse gravel to contain the sand materials. Liners also help to keep sediments from the soils around your pool out of the water.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider for a natural filtration system for your pool. Contact a pool liner replacement service to help with a custom liner for your natural pool to stop water loss and sediment problems.