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Outdoor Spa: Transform Yours Into An Oasis

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Your spa should be more than a bathtub outside. Rather, your outdoor spa has the potential to become an oasis for escaping the day's daily grind. To transform you spa into an oasis getaway, start with the appropriate tub, have it installed in-ground and choose attractive greenery to integrate it with your yard.

Choosing an Outdoor Spa

The goal is for your outdoor spa to become a pool that you can use all year long, including in winter. An in-ground spa is easier to incorporate into the landscape.

When it comes to materials, one option is gunite, which is similar to the material used in swimming pools. In fact, if you're adding a spa to a swimming pool, gunite is the preferred material because it can be integrated with the larger pool. Gunite can be the more expensive option, but it also offers the most customization.

The other main option in material is fiberglass. Fiberglass spas are typically pre-fabricated, offering fewer customization choices. However, fiberglass tubs are typically much less costly than gunite. Additionally, fiberglass tubs come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and jet options, meaning you're not really limited much. As an added bonus, fiberglass is easier to clean. Fiberglass is probably your best option for a standalone spa.

Landscaping Around the Spa

 What prevents your spa from feeling like a bathtub in the backyard is your choice in landscaping. According to The Landscape Network, waterside landscaping can screen your spa from unappealing views while affording you privacy. Well-chosen plants also promote the feeling of a backyard oasis.

When it comes to choosing plants, a lot depends on your soil and general growing conditions. Palm trees are the classic, but they're limited to warmer locales. Papyrus, on the other hand, is a hardy background plant. Hosta, day lily, heavenly bamboo and golden euonymus are other hardy plants that brighten up your spa-side landscape.

When planning your landscaping, don't forget the path to and from the spa. Pavers are a durable and attractive material for your path. To add greenery to the look, space the pavers so that groundcover plants show around them. Cluster a few of the taller plants such as papyrus or heavenly bamboo on one side to create the screen. Finally, use the smaller plants to dot around the spa to integrate the space between yard and water.

A well-designed spa with attractive landscaping becomes your private relaxation retreat at the end of a long day.

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